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Limited Warranty

Optoma Technology, Inc / Optoma Technology (Canada), Inc (Collectively as “Optoma”) warrants its product to be free from defective materials and workmanship and agrees to remedy any such defect(s) by replacing any part, at its discretion, of the product within the Warranty Period providing that the product is used in accordance with the conditions and recommendations set out in the User Manual. Warranty Periods for different products are available at Optoma’s website. Warranty Periods can also be obtained from the Dealer / Reseller who sold the product to the End User.

This warranty does not extend to product which has been subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, fire, flood, physical damage, incorrect wiring, improper installation, unauthorized service, use in violation of instructions furnished by Optoma, or modification made to it by parties other than Optoma’s own service centers, its Dealers / Resellers or its Authorized Service Providers (Collectively as “Service Center”).

This warranty shall be deemed void if the serial number or other identification of the product has been defaced, damaged or removed.

Optoma guarantees the repaired product for a period of thirty (30) days after Optoma delivers the repaired product. Should the same fault occur in the same part of the repaired product due to a same root cause within the said thirty (30) day period, End User should request to return the faulty product in accordance with the Return Merchandise Authorization procedure below.


Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) Procedure for Repair Service

If End User needs to return a defective product back to Service Center, End User must complete a RMA Request Form, which is available at http://www.optomausa.com/doc/Support/2005_RMA_Form.pdf, and submit the completed RMA Request Form to Service Center.

Service Center will issue a RMA number in the event that the said RMA Request Form is completed and is in compliance with all the requirements; in particular, the RMA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the box. Service Center reserves the right to reject any returned product without an officially issued RMA number. RMA number issued by Service Center is only valid for thirty (30) days after the issuance by Service Center. This Warranty does not extend to any returned product with an out-of-date RMA number. Service Center reserves the right to return such product back to End User at End User’s cost.


Dead On Arrival (“DOA”) Product

Service Center will accept DOA product (substantial defect in the product) from End User subject to the fulfillment of the following conditions:-

• The DOA product was purchased by End User within fourteen (14) days prior to the notification of the DOA product to Service Center.

• End User provides a valid proof of purchase.

• End User provides the serial number and defective symptoms on the Form, which must also include the RMA number provided by Service Center.

• The DOA product must be returned in its original packaging and accessories. Service Center may, at its sole discretion, either charge for any incomplete or damage returns at the prevailing price(s) or return the DOA product to End user at End User’s cost.

• There must be no stickers, marking or labeling on the carton box.

If the above conditions are fulfilled and the RMA procedure is complied with, Service Center will make reasonable endeavor to send a replacement product to End User.

If End User returns a product which is not a product of Optoma, Service Center shall, at its sole discretion, return the non-Optoma product to End User at End User’s cost.

In the event Service Center finds the returned product to be faultless, Optoma is entitled to charge End User the diagnose fee, handling fee and freight, and return the product back to End User at End User’s cost.


Product Defective Return

• If the product is defective within the Warranty Period, Service Center will repair it at no cost to End User. If Service Center is unable to repair the product, Optoma will replace it with a comparable refurbished product.

• For Service Center to accept the return of a defective product as a warranty repair, End User must have available the original purchase invoice and the serial number of the product, as well as being able to describe the symptom in order to obtain a RMA number from Service Center. End User must ensure that these details are available and on hand when contacting Service Center. The lack of any of the required details will render the defective product ineligible for a warranty repair. The defective product must be returned with suitable packaging at End User’s cost.

• In the event Service Center finds the returned product to be faultless, Optoma is entitled to charge End User the diagnose fee, handling fee and freight, and return the product back to End User at End User’s cost.

• For defective product that is outside the Warranty Period, an appropriate repair charge will be quoted to End User for authorization and payment. After repair, Service Center will send the repaired product within thirty (30) days, with its original accessories and packaging in the condition as received by Service Center.

• No repair within the Warranty Period or outside the Warranty Period shall include the replacement of the lamp. Replacement lamp is subject to an appropriate payment to Service Center.


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